A downloadable game

This game is a prototype. It was my first attempt at making a game, and it suffers from me having a lack of any experience. It will not be canonically associated with the full Time Whisper game when it comes out, nor anything else really.

Time Whisper, is an RPG about walking in other people's minds. You play in an open world, where you can go up to any person you come across, and enter their mind. Each persons mind is like a little world of it's own, where you can read their thoughts, cure mental illnesses, just mess with them, ect.

If you wish to contact me about any problems or anything else relating to the game, my email is Cipheres735@gmail.com and my twitter is PancaekTho

Install instructions

Simply download the file, and extract it. Once you've done that, simply go to the extracted file and click on "game" (there may be multiple files named game. Make sure you click on the one that has an aqua/teal colored icon beside it) and the game should start from there! If you have any problems please let me know!

(When you try and download it you might get a few warnings. I'm using a script called Khas Ultra lighting, which doesn't legally allow me to give out open source versions, so I had to use encrypted files. However it is safe. If you get a virus (you won't) you can report me to the FBI or something.)


Time_Whisper_Demo.exe 52 MB


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Pretty fun.