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Mailbox knights is a short game about delivering a package, focusing on puzzles and various RPG-esk elements.

Your character works for a large corporation known as Mail Box Knights Inc; a company that delivers high valued packages that are too special or important for regular postal services. Considering the nature of the deliveries you'll be making, you may expect a few bumps in the road on the way.

Email: Cipheres735@gmail.com

Twitter: PancaekTho

Tumblr: https://mbkinc.tumblr.com/

I'm currently working on a "sequel" to this game, so if you want to get updates on that you could follow me on twitter or something.

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Published17 days ago
AuthorPancaek Tho
Tags2D, Dystopian, Horror, JRPG, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript, Retro, Robots, Tilemap based tools, Top Down Adventure
Player countSingleplayer


Mail Box Knights.exe (44 MB)


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Well done, loved it! Really reminded me of the opening act of "One Shot" (As in, strange things start happening...)

I think you have the start of something really cool here, there's a whole world waiting to be created around 'Mail Box Knights Inc' :)

Loved the aesthetics, and the soundtrack was great. You should let 'Rock Paper Shotgun' know about this, they are a fantastic advocate of indie games.

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Thanks, glad you liked it.